Dog Walking and Sitting Services

Dog Walking and Sitting Services

Dog Walking - Grimsby and Cleethorpes

Here at Lincs Domestic Services we realise that leaving your dog at home is difficult. Let us make your dog’s day by giving them a truly satisfying walk while you are at work. This would ease the anxiety of leaving your family pet in the house all day.

Dog WalkerIt is important that the walker and the dog bond so we suggest that we first send our qualified walker around to meet you and your dog. Once a bond is established on both sides we will arrange the first walk. A Lincs Domestic Services walker will collect your pet and either drive or walk them to a park. This can be one of your choosing or a random park picked by the walker. Sometimes it is best on the first few walks to take them on walk similar to one already done by yourself. This will make the dog feel more relaxed on its first outing.

We make sure that all Lincs Domestic Services walkers are dog lovers and give plenty of interaction with your pet.

All this comes with a guarantee that your pet will return home exhausted but happy with the workout they have received. If you have any training regimes or routines that you wish out walker to continue then our walker will be happy to carry these out. We tailor our walks to your needs.

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Always efficient

I am a new client of this company. However, so far I have been extremely satisfied with the work done for me. It is carried out efficiently, quickly and with respect for my home and myself. It seems no task is too big or too much trouble, and my lady always has a smile,on her face and is interested in my needs.

Hazel Hallatt Domestic March 15, 2016

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GPS Tracking Technology

Your peace of mind is most important to use here at Linc Domestic Services. With this in mind we have incorporated the latest technology to enable you to track your dog’s movements. When we pick up your dog we will attach a GPS tracker to their collar. With this technology you will be able to see your dog’s position in real time from your phone or PC. This also makes it impossible for your dog to become lost.

Should you wish you can download the GPS data and see just what an adventure your pet had during their walk by displaying the path taken on google maps.

Once back home we make sure your dog is comfy and ready for your return. All dog water bowls are filled and the dog is fed.

Dog Sitting - Grimsby and Cleethorpes

Have to go somewhere and can’t take your dog? We have the solution which avoids having to take your pet to the kennels and also gives your home security in your absence. This can be a lot easier on your pet as it is in familiar surroundings with which it is comfortable.

Dog Walker2With our pet sitting service our sitter will move into your house and continue the same routine as if you were there in person. This would include walks, feeding, play time and lots of petting that your dog is used to while you are away.

We guarantee that out of a period of 24 hours our sitter will be there at least 16 hours and within this your dog will never be left alone for more than 4 hours.

Dog visits at your home

If you just need us to pop in and do a quick check on your pet we can offer this service on a daily basis.

A 30-minute check includes refilling water/ food trays and lots of attention and play.

For more information or to book an appointment either fill in this form and one of our staff will call you back or call 01472 314279. We pride ourselves on being able to offer a tailored solution to your needs.

All walkers are Dog first aid qualified and come with DBS certification.

We are primarily based in the Grimsby and Cleethorpes area but if you are from slightly further afield please do not hesitate to call.